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My story "Golden Pepper" is live at Flash Fiction Online

James Gurney, art writing guru, is at it again — Quoting Arnold Böcklin: Nothing in art is created without effort, and the painter writer's ideas don't come to him on wings while he dreams, either. The one may be more talented than the other, of course; but without untiring diligence, single-mindedness and a combative spirit, there can't be any good result. All this talk about 'inspiration' is nonsense. I could argue with some of this, but the underlying point is critical. It's what I mean when I say psychotic persistence is the key to success in this writing business.

Robot Art and Ray Guns — :: wants ::

Turn Handwriting into a Font with YourFont

New Angles on the Drake EquationCentauri Dreams channels Ted Chiang. Sort of.

Name your cowsCattle that are named and treated with a "more personal touch" can increase milk yields by up to 500 pints a year. I find this both strange and unsurprising.

Giant killers: macropredation in lions — Fascinating article, not in the least for giving my vocabulary the term "macropredator". That's right up there with "charismatic megafauna".

A Comeback for Lamarckian Evolution?Two studies show that a mother's early environment can be passed on to the next generation. Whoa! (And have I ever told my short-becked giraffe story here on the blog?)

Cancer Protection Secret Revealed — Your friend the p53 gene. Which makes me wonder again about my colon cancer. (Thanks to lt260.)

Freakonomics talks about the tax issue I was just kvetching about [ jlake.com | LiveJournal ] — As I said in comments about this post, I'm just feeling very frustrated by the high visible, highly avoidable unforced errors which undermine credibility and pointlessly siphon off political capital. These are supposed to be the good guys, but they're coming off as business as usual. I *expect* this kind of behavior from Republicans, I'd like to see better under Obama.

?otD: Have you sat with elders of the gentle race?

Body movement: 40 minute ride on the stationary bike
This morning's weigh-in: 220.0
Currently reading: The Confidence-Man: His Masquerade by Herman Melville

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