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[personal] Another note about weight

So I've cut way back on the lemonade/limeade this week. And seen a straight drop in my weight back to the lower end of my current normal range. While this isn't a strict exclusionary diet (ie, other factors may be in play), I have a pretty good handle on what's going into my body these days. It's now abundantly clear to me that the amount of sugar in my diet correlates meaningfully to my daily weight fluctuation, and presumably also to my long-term trends.

The two other biggest negative factors which tempt me on a daily basis are excessive carb intake (ie, pizza or a bread/pasta meal), and eating a meal of substance in the late afternoon or evening.

All of which is to say, if I am carb-smart and eat a light or nominal dinner, and stay off the sugars, I can keep my weight down near the bottom of the range around my current set point. Other than that, weight control doesn't seem to depend too much on what I eat, only how much of it I eat. (Which is not to say I consider myself free to go on a heart-attack diet or anything — fats and oils and additives matter a lot for other reasons; fruits and vegetables likewise in the other direction.)

I am amazed at how much I continue to learn about this process, at my age.

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