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[links] Link salad remembers his hat tilted forward

Don't forget to put an entry into the new Green Amazon ] ARC contest [ jlake.com | LiveJournal ] — And yes, there will be goodies for the person whose nominee wins.

Scrivener's Error responds to yesterday's post about backing up writing files — He raises an excellent point about data format, which will probably cause me to add yet another step to my process. See the original post here: [ jlake.com | LiveJournal ]

douglascohen on the death of Realms of Fantasy — I had a story orphaned in inventory there. Will need to remarket it now.

scalzi explains about METAtropolis being nominated for an Audie award — Go, us!

Dark Roasted Blend with "The Ultimate Guide to Modern Writers of Science Fiction and Fantasy"

This Is Why You're Fat — Food disasters galore. Zomg. (Thanks to jaborwhalky.)

Get Fuzzy discusses Spanish cuisine — Hahahahahah.

When dreams come true — The psychology of dream interpretation. As lt260 points out, given the general run of my dreams, this might not be such a good thing. (Thanks to lt260.)

?otD: Where are his glasses folded?

Body movement: 40 minute stationary bike ride
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