Jay Lake (jaylake) wrote,
Jay Lake

[conventions] RadCon Ho

This Thursday I'll be picking up calendula_witch when she flies in from San Francisco, then we'll hie off to RadCon. My public schedule is as follows:

Friday, February 13th

7:00 pm Opening Ceremonies
8:00 pm To Whom Does the Line Belong, Anyway

Saturday, February 14th

3:00 pm Reading
5:00 pm Science Fiction: A Tool?
6:00 pm The Hazards of Being a Beautiful Woman at a F&SF Convention
(I think I'm exhibit A under "hazards")

Sunday, February 16th

12:00 pm Self Promotion

I believe I'm also emceeing the Masquerade Saturday night, and I may be doing the GoH interview on Sunday, but those haven't been formally scheduled for me yet.

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