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hollyking reacts to Escapement Powell's | Amazon ]

Undeliverable: 1925Shorpy with a photo which is strange and sad on many levels.

The South Pole Telescope — Which I learned about from Centauri Dreams in this article, with an intensely cool accompanying photo.

Reckless driving on the Internet — How someone broke the Internet. (Thanks to lillypond.)

French sub unaware it rammed Royal Navy vessel in mid-Atlantic nuclear crash — Now that's what I call safety. (Snurched from Gizmodo.)

Obama's Elf — Kill me now. (But wait til I'm done laughing.)

Cheney and the Goat Devil — Maureen Dowd on a falling out among thieves.

?otD: Did you see in the morning light?

Body movement: 45 minute stationary bike ride
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