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[links] Link salad has been in Oklahoma

Bookseller Rich Rennicks says some very kind things about Green Amazon ]

Travis Heerman interviews me — Part of his regular interview series.

Carmina Buraneidolia — This is damned near wet-your-pants funny. Needs your sound to be on, though.

Ancient Black Sea Flood: Nuisance or Calamity? — Threat? Or menace? Rather like the Missoula Floods, I'll bet that was something to see.

wtf_nature with the Old Man of the Lake — Some natural Oregon weirdness. More at Wikipedia.

A Rodent's Anti-Aging Secrets — Naked mole rats, longevity, and you.

Even more on Project Orion — Grade-A, pure dee, Big Science insanity at its finest.

Governor's rift with GOP grows wider — Now playing on "As the Wingnuts Turn". Also, wasn't Governor Schwarzenegger first elected because of a tiff involving deficits and taxes? Or is there some reason this isn't deeply ironic?

?otD: Have you ever been to heaven?

Body movement: 90 minute suburban walk
This morning's weigh-in: 217.4
Currently reading: The Confidence-Man: His Masquerade by Herman Melville; Black Blade Blues by John Pitts

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