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[links] Link salad runs for president

A reader reacts to "On the Human Plan" — Among other stories.

Ballard Street runs to odd, lateral humor most of the time, but I find this one especially disturbing for some reason

Milestones in bra technologyCriggo is a genius site on my morning blogroll.

New atlas shows dying languages around the world — More here. Interesting and sad. (Thanks to corwynofamber.)

NASA's Carbon Observatory Set for Blastoff — More on climate change detection issues and how the science is uncertain and evolving. Those of us not burdened by ideological certainty will find this interesting, those of us who are so burdened will find further proof that global warming is a hoax in search of evidence.

Shelby Doubts Obama Citizenship — Well, hell, I haven't seen Senator Shelby's birth certificate. He might not have been born an American, either. Conservative America: Where not only is reality no excuse, it's a serious impediment.

?otD: Mother, should I trust the government?

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