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[conventions|writing] Potlatch and Endurance

Arrived at Potlatch quite early yesterday. Got some day jobbery done, had a nice lunch with saycestsay and others, donated to the auction, arranged the limeade Algonquin, hung in the dealer's room with various Bay Area peeps. calendula_witch arrived about six, and we made a seven o'clock dinner for Japanese with dinogrl, davegallaher, therinth, zellandyne, Peggy Rae Sapienza and Dawn Plaskon. The host at the Japanese place was a Crazy Eddie type, but I thought the food was good. Back later for some partying and a not-early-enough retirement.

This morning we've been taking it slow, but I'm off soon to be a pro at the writers' workshop while calendula_witch gets some wordcount in. I've got the limeade Algonquin at three, then I'm off to write until six, hoping to wrap the Endurance outline in first draft. We'll do a pickup dinner at six with whoever is around and interested, then Tom Whitmore and I are running the auction this evening.

Tomorrow we're off to Do Stuff, but hopefully I'll see some, all or none of you today.

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