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[books] Reading a little bit of this and that

I have recently read three forthcoming books for blurb, and enjoyed them all in substantially different ways. beth_bernobich's Passion Play (a very artful and elegant secondary world fantasy with some pleasing similarities to bram452's Long Price Quartet); klingonguy's Buffalito Destiny (a funny, slapdash SF adventure combining the Mayan eschaton, radical environmentalism, and Schoen's delightfully cockeyed sense of humor); and Black Blade Blues by bravado111 (a very appealing Norse-derived urban fantasy set in the Seattle area). I've also promised to look at a novel by stina_leicht.

I think that about fills up my blurb quotient for the year. I will consider further requests, but will be very picky indeed about investing the time and focus required to do a decent blurb. Still, it's fun, and I love supporting newer writers.

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