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[polls|writing] Literary generations and age of publication

I was chatting with sdn about literary generations today. At my age (b. 1964, currently 44), I'm a bit too young for the Baby Boomers and a bit too old for Gen X. I'm in one of those "cusp" demographic cohorts. My literary generation is an entirely different affair, as my fiction first saw print when I was 37, which makes me a bit older than many of my literary peers.

All of which makes me wonder, if you are professionally published, at what age did you first appear in print? I've put up a poll here. If I get a decent set of results, I'll generate a graph and do some off-the-cuff analysis. Feel free to amplify your poll answer in remarks here or at the poll itself.

What are your thoughts on this? Is the question of chronological age vs. literary generation even relevant?

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