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[personal] A schedule which rapidly approaches asymptotic

Weekend looms, then a truly epic schedule.

I'm supposed to go hiking with tillyjane early tomorrow morning, but a dear friend of ours is very close to death, and she's been spending a lot of time at the hospital. Plus the weather is predicted to be windy, wet and cold; so even if things are quiet on the medical front, it seems unlikely.

I need to make solid progress on Pinion tomorrow, and help the_child with her big Nebraska report, and make some effort at cleaning the house because scarlettina is visiting tomorrow night.

Sunday more Pinion and more homework, plus packing, because Monday I'm off to Omaha for a week of day jobbery.

Friday I fly from Omaha to Orlando to attend ICFA, then spend two days being a visiting writer at Trinity Prep in Winter Park.

I leave Orlando Wednesday for Dallas and some day job client meetings. Home Thursday evening. Yes, that's twelve days on the road.

Then that Friday I'm off to San Francisco for the Borderlands event with kenscholes on Saturday the 28th, and a few days of quality time with calendula_witch, before I scuttle back to Portland and pack for two weeks in China.

Busy much? Plus a book to deliver (Pinion), an outline to finish (Endurance), and several smaller projects to while away the empty hours.


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