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[cancer|awards] Hugos

METAtropolis by John Scalzi, ed. Written by: Elizabeth Bear, Jay Lake, Tobias Buckell and Karl Schroeder (Audible Inc) has been nominated for the Hugo in the category of Best Dramatic Presentation, Long Form. We believe it's the first audiobook ever nominated for a Hugo.

This is very special to me because my novella in METAtropolis, "In the Forests of the Night", is the first piece I wrote when recovering from cancer surgery. It's the piece that scared the hell out of me, because until I'd written the story, I didn't know if I still had "it" as a writer. It's also the piece I was struggling to work on when I very first met calendula_witch.

Thank you Steve Feldberg of audible.com and John Scalzi for moving the deadline after I got sick so I could stay in the project. Thank you Elizabeth Bear, Toby Buckell and Karl Schroeder for putting up with my flakiness. And my special thanks to everyone who nominated METAtropolis.

Because that story is testament to my kicking cancer's ass.

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