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An author of no particular popularity

Jay Lake
Date: 2009-03-22 06:54
Subject: [conventions] A bit more ICFA
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Tags:conventions, travel
Yesterday went swimmingly. Including, well, a bit of swimming. Morning walk, a bunch of social time, skimming the book rooms, drinking by the pool, a decently-fed concluding banquet, drinking by the pool. Did I mention drinking by the pool? I think there was programming going on somewhere.

Stumbled to bed around 1 am, got up to go for another long walk with fjm, chilperic and D—. Much birdlife, including a nesting pair of falcons seen pretty close as they cussed at us. Managed to crash the Locus breakfast for the second day in a row, wherein bad limericks were perpetrated at length and the possible rhymes for "Wolfe" much discussed. Off to pick my rent car shortly, attending the dead dog lunch here, then away to Winter Park for dinner with my sponsors for the writer-in-residence gig I'm doing the next two days.

You all play nice. I'll be around.

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