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[personal] Winter Parking in Florida

Had a lovely day at the school today. Guest-taught three A/P English classes, and lunched with some of the faculty. The kids were smart, engaged and interested, and the faculty were terrific people.

Back tomorrow to do a half-day workshop for a selected group of the A/P kids. I'm going to cover business, craft and technique, focusing ultimately on openings. Then a reading tomorrow evening at 7 pm — a public event at the school, which ought to be interesting.

This afternoon I came back to my room and worked on the Endurance outline for several hours. Right now I find I've overthought the process (this happens to me on occasion) and so am in effect getting in my own way. Nonetheless, experienced some good insights and got an outline of the outline, so to speak, onto the page.

After that, dinner with lingtm and her husband. Went to a local slightly alternativo pizza joint which was actually pretty good, even if the waitress didn't think I was the least bit funny. Flirt fail!

Back to the school tomorrow, off to Dallas on Wednesday, home on Thursday, then San Francisco on Friday to hang out with kenscholes (who lives across town from me) and spend a few days with calendula_witch (who does not live across town from me).

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