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[personal] Saturday in San Francisco, in motion

Yesterday kenscholes and I were over at Borderlands Books to do a write-in followed by a reading. calendula_witch was there, and gailcarriger turned up, as well as shaolingrrl along with 12 or 15 other folks. We each wrote about 1,000 words on a story, then swapped files and finished each other's work with another 1,000 words. Produced were "The Starship Mechanic" and "Looking for Truth in a Wild Blue Yonder." (Which of us originated which title is left as an exercise for the reader.)

We then read both stories aloud, and spoke for a while about careers, writing process, and whatever the audience wanted to ask. It was a lot of fun, some books were sold, and Borderlands took very good care of us. calendula_witch and I had a small party yesterday evening as a sort-of followup/housewarming for her new place, which made for a nice, full day.

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