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[travel|personal] Off again, as always

I am off this afternoon back to Portland. Lunch with kenscholes tomorrow, and the_child has an event tomorrow night, then it's the hard slide into home plate as I prepare for the China trip next Tuesday.

San Francisco has been utterly lovely. calendula_witch is a brilliant hostess and a delightful human being, as always; while the Borderlands write-in with kenscholes was a blast, as was the party calendula_witch and I hosted that evening.

I expect to continue blogging and photographing all through the China trip, but have no idea how the updates will work. Watch this space.

Right after I get back from China I'm off to New York City for a few days, then back to Portland, then Omaha followed by San Francisco again for the beginning of May.

You all play nice while I'm swanning about the continents.

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