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[writing] The quarter just ended

First quarter of 2009 has been interesting from a writing perspective.

Sold three solo stories (one flash, one short, one novella) and two co-authored with calendula_witch (one short, one novelette). Ten short fiction rejections.

Sold three stories in reprint, along with Polish rights to Trial of Flowers.

40,900 words of new short fiction (one novella, one novelette, three short stories).

Revised Pinion and delivered it to Tor for editorial review.

Delivered The Sky That Wraps to Subterranean for pre-production.

Extended The Heart of the Beast from jeffvandermeer's outline and partial, including 50,100 new words. Back to him for revision.

Outlined Endurance from scratch, twice.

Wrote the foreword for camillealexa's Push of the Sky.

Made the Hugo ballot, sort of, as an explanatory note to the Best Dramatic Presentation, Long Form nomination for METAtropolis.

Plus a bunch of blog posts, twittering, miscellanous blurbage, nonfiction writing and Ghu knows what else.

How was your writing year so far?

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