Jay Lake (jaylake) wrote,
Jay Lake

[travel] Beijing day 3 is about to get rolling

Getting a (deliberately) slower start today. We are leaving in about an hour to go to a children's art exhibit, visit a hutong, attend an acrobatics show, and I'm not sure what else, frankly, before we board the night train for Xi'an. With luck our hotel in Xi'an will have a more solid connection to Flickr. I've already taken over 1,000 photos, and I need to inflict them on you people at some point.

Due to being on a train tonight, and unknown Internet status in Xi'an, updates may be irregular for a while.

(And yes, garyomaha and kevinstandlee, I'll get train photos as much as possible. Already got some yesterday, of a high speed excursion train approaching Badaling.)

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Tags: china, trains, travel

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