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[books] The Good Humor Man by Andrew Fox

The Good Humor Man by Andrew Fox

Whilst jetting about Asia, I had the chance to read The Good Humor Man by Andrew Fox, from Tachyon Books April, 2009 [ Powell's | Amazon ]. This book is possessed of a wall-eyed insanity reminding me of Matt Ruff or Nick Harkaway, yet, not far beneath the apocalyptic Elvis humor and Beverly Hills plastic surgeon jokes is a serious, almost painful road novel about an old man saving himself by saving the world through the King's last miracle.

The really interesting thing to me about this book is exactly that contrast: how the gonzo premise and crazy voice of the story can pull focus from the very entertaining front end it presents to the thoughtful meditation on equality, opportunity and (quite seriously) what it means to be fat in a world of privation. The jacket copy compares it to Fahrenheit 451, but I'll go with a blend of Don Quixote and Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.

An edgy, crazy read which is a lot of fun. Check it out.

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