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[personal] The weekend that was, the day that is

What an excellent weekend, despite the inauspicious events of last week. calendula_witch continues feeling fine, though we're going to a followup appointment today. I got a great deal of work done on Pinion, and she is making progress helping me there. We had some terrific couple time, and went real estate browsing yesterday, which was fun.

I also finished reading Robert Charles Wilson's stunning Julian Comstock: A Story of 22nd-Century AmericaPowell's | Amazon  ]. I, Claudius by way of post-apocalyptic Mark Twain. More on that later.

Day jobbery today, and I'll close out the caption contest voting poll this afternoon. I'm also wrestling with some annoying digestive health stuff, which is deeply ironic given the upcoming cancer followups. Otherwise, more Pinion. And back to Portland tomorrow afternoon.

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