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[personal] Home from the hospital in one piece

After a great deal of sound and fury, plus various procedures, my GI system finally uncorked while I was still in the ER. Diagnosis inconclusive, "probably a viral infection in your upper GI." (calendula_witch comments on that theory.) The important part is that I ate food, kept it down without nausea or bloating, then drove myself home after dropping tillyjane off at her house, she having done yeoman's (or yeomom's) duty in shepherding me through the bowels of the healthcare system.

Do I feel like a bit of an idiot? Yes. Presumably this would have cleared on its own if I'd gone home and had a lie-down for the rest of the day.

On the other hand, given my GI health history and the fact that this was a set of symptoms I've never before in my life experienced — and having grown up in the tropics, I've had plenty of gastrointestinal problems over the years, some of them quite spectacular — after three days of symptoms, I couldn't see not going in.

And the Fear was there. The one-year post-operative cancer screenings are next week. The irony of my most recent visit with calendula_witch being bookended by our respective trips to the ER for upper GI distress is inescapable as well. (Obviously we're a matched set! But then, we already knew that.) Complex medical and emotional environment.

At the least I'm going to see if the CAT scan imaging from today will serve for the purposes of next week's scheduled CAT scan. It seems ludicrous to have those two weeks in a row. I'd like to be a responsible healthcare consumer.

I'm ok now, albeit still rather out of sorts and not yet fully restored to optimal digestive health. Much to think about, a bit to get over, but life goes on. As it generally does.

Thank you to everyone who extended well wishes and offers of assistance here in blog, via Twitter, by email, by telephone. Your love and support means the world to me. And thank you especially to calendula_witch.

I'm going to get some sleep.

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