Jay Lake (jaylake) wrote,
Jay Lake

[cancer] There's a fog in the lowlands

Last day or so my emotions have been pretty foggy. As I told calendula_witch, "My head's full of chowder, so ignore everything I say." Monday afternoon K— came and watched movies with me. Yesterday afternoon I went to the not-Fireside Writers Group and actually Got Stuff Done. This morning I kept a trainer appointment at the gym.

Somewhere in the middle of working out, my head cleared again. Hooray for endorphins! I have no idea if it will stay clear today — my pre-test anxiety has been pretty powerful. But it's nice to feel like myself and not some peevish git, at least for a few hours.

I'm on clears today, no food at all tomorrow until after the colonscopy, then only very light intake until after Friday's CAT. calendula_witch will be here this evening. By Friday afternoon all this upset should be gone like summer morning mist.

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