Jay Lake (jaylake) wrote,
Jay Lake

[personal] Saturday unfolds

calendula_witch, the_child and I are off to do Saturday things. Some shopping, some hanging around, a cheese expedition.

We're winding up at my parents' about 5 for a cancer party with Mom and Dad, tillyjane (my other mother), lillypond, The Niece, The Niece's dad and his sweetie, kenscholes, jens_fire (and onboard twins!), and the delightful K—.

calendula_witch is back to San Francisco tomorrow morning. I'm off to Omaha on Monday, then Delaware on Wednesday (anyone down for dinner in Dover Wednesday night?), then San Francisco next Friday so calendula_witch and I can hit BayCon. Cancer news when I have it; still waiting on the PET scan results as well as the biopsy on the polyp.

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