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Date: 2009-06-07 12:09
Subject: [links] Link salad yawns on a Sunday
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A reader reacts to Rocket Science Powell's | Amazon ]

Publishers Weekly with a starred review for the print edition of METAtropolis

Roy Orbison in cling wrap — Classic bizarro Internet pr0n, subject of much discussion at last night's JayCon afterparty.

Brainstormer: sketch topic generator — This would work beautifully for writing exercises as well.

Home taping isn't killing musicBad Science on downloading and piracy and the reality behind the alleged economic losses.

Streamliner: 1938Shorpy with a cool street car photo, from back in the day.

SETA: Finding a 'Graveyard Civilization'Search for Extraterrestrial Artifacts. Cool stuff from Centauri Dreams.

?otD: Where did the sun day go?

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User: jimvanpelt
Date: 2009-06-07 23:48 (UTC)
Subject: RE: Rocket Science Review
This is probably not an appropriate response to you link to the Rocket Science review, but it provokes a pet peeve of mine when I read reviews that look at an author's work and then comment on the skill or style based on where the work appeared in the writer's career. When I started selling a bunch of stories in '97 or so, I had some reviews that sounded a little like this one of Rocket Science where the reviewers said things about "first work" or "freshman effort," etc., and in one review, compared a story that I'd published in '92 with a story that came out in '97. The reviewer talked about the "obvious growth in story-telling skills" from the '92 story to the '97 story, but the two stories were written within a year of each other, with the story that was published in '97 being the one that was written first.

I wonder if Rocket Science came out right now instead of before Mainspring and Green and the others if the reviewer would make the same comment.

:mini-rant mode off:
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