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[writing] Endurance

Woke up this morning around 4 am with Endurance much on my mind. I cut my walk to half an hour, though I kept my stretching and meditation sequence, to spend more time in the book before Day Jobbery. Managed to get 3,500 words down in 90 minutes of writing, broken in the middle for a quick brekkie downstairs. I'll write more tonight, after a work dinner, so I can peg my two-hour mark for the day.

I am very conscious of deadlines and time here. The cancer stuff will quite probably catch up to me before I can finish this draft, but at the moment I'm still running ahead of the incoming tidal wave. I'm not sure I've ever been this motivated to sprint. The book won't be due until next May, but if I can get the first draft pounded out this summer, all I have to do during (or after) chemo is work the rewrites.

As Samuel Johnson said, "Nothing focuses the mind like a hanging."

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