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[travel] Home again, somewhat to my surprise

After a day of incipient but unrealized travel fail, I am home. Three segment flight. Slept through one, wrote through the other two. Got 6,600 words knocked out in 2.25 hours on Endurance. I doubt I'll do more today, but I might be inspired this evening, so I'm not calling that the total yet.

In the Denver airport I spotted a mmpb of Mainspring, which was new from last Monday when the same store had only an mmpb of Escapement. That means the book is still being (re)ordered and (re)stocked fourteen months after its release, in airport bookstores, which are notoriously competitive ecosystems. This one had maybe 300 sf/f titles. I'm proud of my little book.

Also, ran into old friends in the San Francisco airport, coming back to Portland on the last leg of their move-home-from-three-years-living-in-China flight. What is it with me in that airport?

Have a therapist appointment soon, then a dinner with (different) visiting friends, then an early evening of it. kenscholes and jens_fire's baby shower tomorrow, to which I am taking tillyjane and the_child. Looks like a dinner tomorrow night with saycestsay. And of course, more bookage.

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