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[personal] Time flies when you got nothing to do

It's amazing how time flies by when you get up at 3:40 in the morning. And that was me sleeping in... It's barely past noon and here's what I've accomplished so far today:
  • Exercised

  • Morning blog roll

  • Shower (with hair wash, takes a while)

  • Two and half hours on Endurance

  • Cooked breakfast for self

  • Worked on story critique for two friends

  • Had a sweet phone call with calendula_witch

  • Submitted the final story for The Sky That Wraps

  • Caught up on email

  • Went to grocery store

  • Did laundry

  • Made week's salad and lemonade/limeade

  • Cooked lunch for self, the_child and her friend I—

  • Changed clothes for the Scholes baby shower

Shortly, off to the baby shower with the_child and tillyjane. Dinner with evening with saycestsay, and a possible camillealexa sighting. Tomorrow, more Endurance, a Father's Day Brunch with the usual suspects, some cancer paperwork for my upcoming second opinion appointment, a final pass through Iron Springs critique, draft another Tor.com blog post and read through calendula_witch's Nightcraft Mother dailies to date.

Week to come: Doctor's appointment Monday. calendula_witch arrives Wednesday. MRI Thursday. Then off to Iron Springs!

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