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An author of no particular popularity

Jay Lake
Date: 2009-06-21 06:15
Subject: [links] Link salad says happy Father's Day Solstice
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Tags:books, cars, cool, culture, links, personal, photos, politics, publishing, science, writing
Booking the future — One view of the next generation of publishing. (Thanks to lrcutter.)

The Latke number thread — In case you were wondering about literary collaboration with me.

What Amazon Does Not Want You To Know About The Kindle — More DRM hell. (From a mailing list I'm on.)

The Unevenness of Space-Time ConvergenceStrange Maps with a rendering of travel times which is pretty interesting, and also somewhat reminds me of the most famousest New Yorker cover EVAR.

Brute-Force Engineering and ClimateCentauri Dreams with some unsettling speculation. Also more fodder for near term futurism of both the apocalyptic and optimistic flavors.

Sunrise over the Parthenon — More photographic coolness from APOD.

io9.com with a visual gallery on the evolution of spaceships in movies — Cool stuff.

Maytag-Mobile: 1939Shorpy with home-made car from the pre-WWII era. I'm fascinated by the tiny wheels. That thing must have ridden like holy hell. And speaking of hell, Shorpy has this bus image, a 1938 Greyhound ready for the Gehenna run for certain.

ericjamesstone answers my question from yesterday about the Robert court ruling on DNA testing — Ok, not batshit. Still not happy about it, but I understand the point now. (And wish the reporting on this had done a better job of conveying that point, or that I'd done a better job of reading the reporting, or both.) Thanks, Eric!

?otD: Was it a new day yesterday?

Body movement: 30 minute stationary bike ride, 10 minutes of stretching and meditation
This morning's weigh-in: 219.8
Currently reading: n/a (Finished The Human Disguise by James O'Neil)

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