Jay Lake (jaylake) wrote,
Jay Lake

[writing] Endurance progriss riport, day 9

6,700 words in three hours of writing time today. I'm at 52,600 words and 24.25 hours of effort thus far on this first draft.

The WIP:
The grief in Her voice was the mourning of the ocean for those mountains ground to sand along its beaches. She cried as the stars do for one of their number tumbled from the night sky to strike the earth. I wanted to die for Her loss, to lay myself down as a cloak over Her suffering, and spare Her even a beat of the anguish that threatened my very sanity.

In that moment, I saw for the first time what it might mean to be a god. Not power, but responsibility. Not awareness, but omniscience. Not emotion, but something so large it would shatter the human soul.

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