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[writing] Endurance progriss riport, days 12-15

Having gone off the grid for several days, I've missed a series of progress reports. Here's the last four days of production, through today:

6/25/092,500 words1 hour
6/26/093,400 words1.5 hours
6/27/091,200 words0.5 hours
6/28/093,700 words1.75 hours

On the 27th, I had a two+ hour writing session planned, lay down to rest for a minute, and woke up two hours later when calendula_witch came back to the cabin from a workshop meeting. So that was kind of a bust, as the rest of my day was committed. Still, under the new rubric mentioned last week, I don't consider it a failure.

I'm going to measure a Monday-Sunday week, as that best reflects my writing pattern. This past week I wrote 20,000 words, to a current 65,900 word manuscript length. That includes a completely missed day due to illness and the short day due to extended napping (which was almost certainly recovery from illness). I'm vaguely disappointed in myself, but recognize that feeling as pointless chaff, as it's been a perfectly productive week that meets my measurement criteria.

This coming writing week will be complicated due to traveling to California tomorrow to seek my second opinion on the cancer, and sticking around through the weekend to meet calendula_witch's family for the first time and celebrate the holiday with them. I think I've got it laid out well enough, though, to meet my goals.

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