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Jay Lake

[writing] Endurance progriss riport, day 17

5,000 words in two hours today, broken over three more abbreviated writing sessions. Manuscript is now at 75,700, and I'm at 9,800 words towards my week (Mon-Sun) goal of 17,500. Also, passed the pivot point in the plot today, which means a while lot more action happening now. Set up? Set up? We don't need no more stinking set up!

And some WIP for you all:
Flipping my knife around, I struck him hard at the base of the skull with my fist, using the handle to armor the blow. He collapsed, while the other brother shrieked, then cursed in a language I did not know.

The Rectifier roared, something shattered, and there was more cursing.
I bent to cut this one's throat when I heard the pardine shout out, "Do not kill them, Green. Leave with me now."

Point against skin, I stopped. Did I trust him or not? These men were dangerous, hideously dangerous, but the Rectifier knew something, or he would not have spoken so.

Leaving behind a single ruby drop beading against the twin's leathery neck as my calling card, I raced swiftly toward the door and followed the Rectifier out into the late afternoon's snow flurries.

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