Jay Lake (jaylake) wrote,
Jay Lake

[cancer] Top 10 reasons why cancer is like the zombie apocalypse

10. Cancer strikes when you least expect it.
9. Like a zombie lurking in your basement, cancer is with you no matter what you do.
8. Cancer scares the hell out of everybody around you.
7. Cancer isn't contagious, but it spreads anyway.
6. Cancer turns your body into an enemy of the state.
5. Cancer makes the familiar terrifying.
4. Cancer is always on the wrong side of the locked door, with you.
3. No matter how hard you hit it with a shovel, cancer can come back.
2. Somehow there's always blood involved.
1. Cancer eats your braaaaaaiiiiiiin, no matter where in your body it's happening.

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Tags: cancer, funny, health

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