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[writing] Endurance progriss riport, day 19

5,400 words in 2.25 hours today, to 85,400 words. I've made my week's goal, having reached 19,500 words since Monday. This will make my weekend with calendula_witch and her family more relaxed, because I won't be feeling pressured about writing.

Well, less pressured.

A WIP for today...
"It's not my Interim Council," I said automatically. "Did Surali march with them?"

"She is having difficulty with her hands."

I glanced over at Mother Argai, suspecting her of uncharacteristic humor, but her expression was bland. "Well, there is some glimmer of hope here."

"The troubles have not improved her dispostion."

"I should think not." I looked back out over the city. "We need to move. I want to find out what is happening on Lyme Street, and I have business with the Interim Council in any case. Are you prepared to go Below and work our way through that particular labyrinth?"

"You always did have a fondness for tunnels."

I took that for a yes, and led her back down to the street, and through the alleys until we could find a hatch that would carry us both into the stygian depths of this city's permanent, stone-walled night.

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