Jay Lake (jaylake) wrote,
Jay Lake

[calendula] A grand weekend at Points North

calendula_witch ably describes our weekend at Points North amongst her family and the fields of her youth. A marvelous time was had by all, albeit somewhat intense. I took a number of photos, but have just discovered I have the wrong card reader with me tonight, so they will remain inaccessible a while longer.

My day consisted of starting in Mendocino County, CA, being driven down to SFO by calendula_witch, flying to PDX, being met by the_child and tillyjane in the Genre car, dropping tillyjane off at her place, then driving to Pacific County, WA to my parents' beach house. So, erm, 5+ hours in the car and 3+ hours in airport and airplanes. Whew.

Beach house for a week (working the Day Jobbe from here as well as forging ahead on Endurance), then Omaha, then back to San Francisco and calendula_witch on the 17th.

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