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[writing] Endurance progriss riport, day 23

4,400 words in two hours today over three sessions. I lost 1,100 words mid-session due to a series of errors, or it would have been a 5,500 word day. Grr. And writing the same scenes twice in a row is really not my favorite thing to do. Book's at 91,900 words now.

Some WIP for youse guys.
She looked at me for a long, slow moment. Even in those human eyes, her regard was a smoldering light that should have burned my skin from my flesh and my flesh from my bones. Then: "What of it?"

This was my moment, my time to reach for the entire prize. "If I tell you all, will you lend your titanic might to stand against the agents of destruction here, before they can move on?"

The priestess reached a hand for me. In that instant, I saw not a woman's palm but something huge, the size of countries, with a map of all our lives graven upon it. I quailed to be struck down then and there with no more purpose to my life than what I'd brought to this meeting with the god.

But her fingers rested on my arm. A deep spark passed through me, finding its way to the earth at my feet. Everything was warm, then hot, then screaming pain, then normal once more.

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