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[links] Link salad wakes up with a clear head, finally

A reader reviews "Rolling Steel" by calendula_witch and me — Specifically, she talks about the podcast version, read by Sean Farrell and Mur Lafferty.

The soda-pop map — I used to say "Coke" generically, these days I say "soda." Where do you fall on this continuum? (Thanks to garyomaha.)

Bridge to Nowhere: a Map of Golden Gate Jumpers — Another odd one from Strange Maps.

Solar for Dark Climates — I love the headline alone, but the article is interesting as well, about hybrid solar systems for northern latitudes. Mmm, Stirling engines.

Evidence based revenge — Ben Goldacre on revenge and bitterness. Money shot: Put very simply, if we desire it, does revenge work? People certainly believe in it, from modern thrillers such as Hamlet and Moby Dick, to classics like Kill Bill and Death Wish I-V.

Get Fuzzy on American political parties — Hahahahahahahahahaha.

?otD: Soda or pop?

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