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[travel] And so I am away (with bonus updatery)

For those playing along with the takehome game version of "Where's Jay?", I'm flying out of Omaha this morning, via Denver, to San Francisco. I will meet up with calendula_witch this afternoon, and the_child will join us this evening.

Tomorrow is the two Borderlands Books events [ jlake.com | LiveJournal ], one for Green, the later one for Footprints.

Sunday we're catching the King Tut exhibit, then putting the_child on a plane home to her mother. I've got medical appointments Monday and Wednesday to firm up the second opinion on my cancer treatment plan, then I'm back to Portland on Thursday. Friday I'm off to Seattle for a reading and signing at University Books that night, followed by the Clarion West party, I believe for David Hartwell. I'll be bringing the_child to the UBooks event as well.

Back to Portland that Saturday for some family time with my visiting brother, then calendula_witch arrives that Sunday because I have two more cancer appointments the following week, including what we expect to be the chemo prescribing appointment in 7/27. At that point I'll find out if I can make it to Worldcon or not.

More as it develops.

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