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[writing] Endurance progriss riport, day 33

Well, that's it. 2,900 words today in 90 minutes. First draft done at (a bizarrely short for me) 114,900 words. The whole novel is there, recognizably corresponding to the outline approved by arcaedia and casacorona. Ending needs work, but so do the beginning and the middle.

As mentioned before, I think I wrote short because Fred was running ahead of the cancer wavefront. If chemo goes well, I'll start revising sometime this fall, otherwise I'll wait til the spring and the end of chemo to revise. Either way I'll make deadline with plenty of time to spare.

I'll have more thoughts about process, manuscript length, what this implies for my upcoming revisions and everything else, after all this has had time to sift through my subconscious. For now, well, it's enough to be done.

A final WIP:
"Green." Ilona took my hand again. She was speaking in Petraean of course, she had no Seliu. "I know what happened to your friends. You cannot blame yourself."

"All of it is my fault!"

"No," she said. "Others chose their own course."

"Not your daughter."

The look in Ilona's eyes cut me to the quick. I wished mightily I had not said those words. "Not my daughter."

"I will take ship," I announced in Petraean still, then repeated myself in Seliu. Looking at Mother Vajpai, I continued in that language. "I will follow them across the ocean, and I will burn down the Bittern Court. I will sift the ashes for Surali's bones, and I will break them all, then dance on the shards. I will cut the throats of every one of the Prince of the City's household, and I will feed them all to the pigs."

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