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[conventions] Worldcon programming

Assuming my chemotherapy schedule permits me to get to Anticipation, here's my programming:


9:00 am - Stroll With The Stars
10:00 am - Just how does Creationist Science Work?
Noon - Interview. Beth Meacham and Jay Lake; The Editor and the Writer
5:00 pm - The Campbell Awards (Not a Hugo, Honest!) [moderator]


11:00 am - Death, Illness and Disability in Fantasy and Science Fiction
1:00 pm - Writing Workshop S
5:00 pm - Author Reading (with John Helfers)
7:30 pm - Autograph session


10:00 am - The Anti-Workshop Panel; You don't have to Go to Clarion/Odyssey to have a Career in
1:00 pm - JOLT Writing Get Your Writing Kickstart Here
2:00 pm - Jay Lake Kaffeeklatsch
5:00 pm - The New Space Opera 2
6:00 pm - Hugo madness begins

See some, all or none of you there.

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