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[writing] A new collaborative novel project

In order to while away the months of chemotherapy, and in recognition of the success of our joint short fiction career thus far, calendula_witch and I have embarked on a new collaborative novel project.

Our Lady of the Islands is set in a tropical version of Venice, in the same universe as Green, though with no plot crossover. We're trying a different model for the protagonist — a middle-aged woman dealing with the adulthood of her children, the challenges of her business, and of course, a confluence of politics, religion and social turmoil in her city.

We brainstormed the plot and outline, which I then developed in some detail. calendula_witch is currently writing the first draft. She'll have it to me late this fall. Chemo permitting, and working around my Endurance production schedule, I'll revise her draft, then we'll go into final production cycle before getting it out to arcaedia to market.

Given that we've sold to Clarkesworld, Fantasy and Interzone together, we've proven we can write together. It will be fun to see how that blend of romantic and creative energy that constantly sparks between us will play out at book length. Watch her blog for updates, WIPs and other news about the book as it develops.

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