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Jay Lake

[travel] Back to Portlandia today

Spent a nice morning yesterday with scarlettina, including lunch with e_bourne and a trip to Big John's PFI. (Two trips, actually, but who's counting?) If you're ever hanging around in Seattle, and you're any kind of a foodie, I highly recommend Big John's.

In the afternoon I shifted venue to mikigarrison's house for her bbq, with a cast of dozens. That was lovely and entertaining. Me and jackwilliambell, pretending to be serious.


Photo © 2009 by scarlettina.

That was all fun, featuring moose burgers, chum candy and truly vile soda pop, and went on plenty late for this dawn patroller. Helped mikigarrison clean up before we crashed out. Heading out soonish, once mine hostess awakens. May stop and visit the sweet babies Scholes in their nursery on the way home, as I almost drive past their house anyway. Off to San Francisco on Tuesday, then Montreal on Thursday.

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