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[links] Link salad, chum candy edition

Some quite interesting art by the_child [ jlake.com | LiveJournal ]

calendula_witch with, among other things, a photo of me eating chum candy — Photo by criada.

Google Engineering Director Spells Out Vision for the Future of Digital Books — More on the settlement and the future of Google Books. Some of the stupid, evil thievery being perpetrated by Google is being addressed, but I'm still pretty damned unhappy about their unilateral, private rewriting of copyright law. (Thanks to tetar.)

The Truth About Grit — Another take on what I call "psychotic persistence". [ jlake.com | LiveJournal ] (From a mailing list I'm on.)

How Different Groups Spend Their DayThe New York Times with a rather spiffy interactive graphic.

Language Log on telegraph codes — Weird and funny stuff.

Top Ten Cities in Comics chosen by an architect — From Drawn!

Tweeting, texting render avid users 'present yet absent' — Hmm. Continuous partial attention, anyone? (Thanks to lillypond.)

Criggo on colon surgery — Snerk. Don't I know it.

xkcd plumbs the depths of crossover fanfic — (Snurched from Bad Astronomy Blog.)

Lunar Crater Stats Indicate Hidden Population of Asteroids — Speaking of asteroids.

Does there have to be an invisible sun?

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This morning's weigh-in: 223.4
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