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[conventions] Worldcon Roundup Report

Well, that was Mr. Toad's wild ride. Every year my Worldcon experience seems to get more intense. AnticipationSF was so busy and overwhelming I ran out of time to blog, which is saying a lot for me.

We got in Thursday night and had a very nice dinner with the METAtropolis crew. Our handicapping of the Best Dramatic Presentation, Long Form Hugo turned out to be correct, but we had a terrific Japanese dinner in the process. Hit the parties late, including the airless-as-always Tor party.

Friday I had various bits and pieces of programming in the morning, a working lunch with casacorona and calendula_witch (mmm, wild game, and much discussion of books), a bunch more programming, plus my mandatory-to-self rest break for quiet time with calendula_witch. The Campbell panel was late that afternoon, and quite a hoot with a regular cast of mugs present and accounted for. A working dinner that evening with arcaedia, mcurry and calendula_witch at a place called ASZU, where I had some of the best pork I've ever eaten in my life (and much discussion of books). Back to the Delta for more parties, though inexplicably I never did find the Tor.com party, then off to the Intercontinental for BarCon.

Saturday, more programming (duh), then calendula_witch and I had lunch with the Subterranean crew, along with Doselle Young. Afternoon turned into a right blur, including the writing workshop, but we did attend Charles Brown's private wake — very moving, and a privilege to be included. We then hit a social dinner with some of the Tor authors, hosted by casacorona, along with matociquala, sosotris, autopope, and Leah Bobet whose LJ handle escapes me right now. After that, more parties! This time we saved ourselves for BarCon, though the Hadley Rille party was good fun, and I got some bonus hair love. Plus we witnessed a purse snatching that we completely misunderstood, and so did not attempt to assist the three young people racing about and shouting in French.

Sunday, more programming, plus we had lunch with Ann VanderMeer, bravado111 and matthewsrotundo. Well, it was more like Second Breakfast, but all good. Afternoon stuff, including a packed kaffeeklatsch (I love you all!) and Hugo rehearsals. After our rest break, calendula_witch and I gussied up for the pre-reception. There I was able to introduce her to Neal Stephenson, thus earning her undying love and sealing our relationship. (It's the little things that count.) I also introduced mcurry to Neil Gaiman, but I don't know if he loves me or not as a result thereof. Lots of picture taking and chatting up the glitterati there, which is sort of the point. The Hugos were fun, even if I did lose my 1/6 of a Hugo. Saw friends win and saw friends lose, and that's how goes. Afterward we eventuated to the Hugo Loser's Party, which as usual is my favorite ticket of the con. Got to talk to Dan Dos Santos about the Green cover, and realized that he's just a heck of a guy, as well as being a heck of an artist. More new friends and old, and then a swing by the Intercontinental bar on our way back to our hotel.

Monday morning, all we did was go out to dim sum with fjm and chilperic. A much yummy breakfast and some good conversation, then we made our way to the airport, where we ran into icedrake and katfeete for a little while. Back to San Francisco, where I will stay with calendula_witch until Thursday, then home to the_child and Nuevo Rancho Lake. On the flight, I wrote 3,700 words of first draft, critiqued an excellent story from the_flea_king, wrote about 20 emails, and caught up on calendula_witch's dailies from Our Lady of the Islands.

All in all, a great experience. I think I talked to literally 500 people. I could not begin to list them all here if I tried, so forgive me for this massive lapse. Did a bit of business, had a lot of fun, ate some great food, ate some mediocre food, overpaid horribly for a crappy hotel room and lost a Hugo.

Must have been a Worldcon!

Now I sleep.

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