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[personal|writing] Progress of the day

Worked the Day Jobbe today. Popped out for shopping over the lunch hour so I could cook dinner for calendula_witch while she worked on Our Lady of the Islands after her Day Jobbe day ended. Futzed with twitterfiction. Began a new collaborative short story, though it's just a stub of 300 words or so right now. Read the dailies on Our Lady of the Islands. Now we're packing for jane_o_trades' wedding, which we're hieing off to tomorrow after workage. I'm back to Portland on Thursday afternoon.

And just because, a bit of short fiction WIP:
Sleep was gone now, vanished on the biting chill that cut through her blankets, and the light leaking past the rags and shutters. Winter in Copper Downs was not for the faint of heart nor the flat of purse. Laris reached down by her feet and found her thick woolen gown skirt buttoned up the front and back for easy access and slid the garment over her cotton undershift without turning down her covers. Then she slipped from her bed, kneeling to build a small fire of scavenged scrapwood in hopes of warming both her hands and a bit of washing water. Lucifer matches were a rare luxury in her life.

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