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[writing] Short fiction continues

2,200 new words on the flight back from San Francisco, on a joint story with calendula_witch with the working title of "From the Countries of Her Dreams". Home now, tired, to bed very soon.

But first, a bit of WIP:
Radko returned to studying his ale. His right index finger made nonsense patterns in the spill glistening on worn oak bartop. "I'll go with you," he muttered.

"I... I haven't worked yet tonight. Cannot leave."

The man reached into the inner pocket of his sheepskin vest. "You're four coppers, same as Solis, right?"

Laris just stared.

"For a flatback and half a candle's worth of time," Radko added, in case she had not understood.

"Yes, but I-"

"I ain't going with you," he snarled. Now they were both embarrassed. "Just buying your time. So's we can say farewell to Solis together." Five coppers clinked onto the bar.

Well, thought Laris, I won't have to pay Undine for the room. Against her better judgment, she reached shivering for the coins. She left one behind for the barback to take in payment for her abandoned wine, thin as winter blood and almost as cold.

Originally published at jlake.com.

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