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[links] Link salad realizes it was a new day yesterday

autopope on Jon C. Wright and the mimetics of authoritarianism — His closing line is a killer.

Non Sequitur on plotting — Funny as hell, though I actually think Wiley gets it wrong.

Dark Roasted Blend with strange and unusual maps — Oooh, pretty. Useful resource for fantasy, historical or pre-modern alt.hist fiction.

The not-so-true story of the MV Augusta 60cc Cafe Monomoto Superleggera — Motorcycle humor, in the form of alt.hist. Well, secret history, at least. (Snurched from the Twitter feed of danjite.)

Israeli wins Fatah top body seat A Jewish-born Israeli has been elected to the governing body of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas's Fatah party. Presented without comment, simply because I find this item quite curious.

Creationists believe the darndest things! — Apparently, the existence of the Loch Ness monster is proof that evolution is a lie. Hahahahahahahahahaha. It's tempting to say these people are too stupid to tie their shoes, but the sad part is that like most conservatives, Creationists are intelligent, moral people trying to do right in the world, who happen to be invested soul-deep in profound counterfactuals.

National Healthcare: a breeding ground for terrorism? — More conservative idiocy on public healthcare. This stuff is right over the edge.

OECD Health Data 2009: Statistics and Indicators for 30 Countries — If you're going to compare American healthcare to other countries, you might as well try some data on for size.

In America, Crazy Is a Preexisting ConditionBirthers, Town Hall Hecklers and the Return of Right-Wing Rage. This one hits all my confirmation biases.

?otD: How many flew over the cuckoo's nest?

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