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[links] Link salad, special all-politics extra

For some reason, I've accumulated waaay too many interesting links this past day or two. So here's a special extra Link Salad with all the political stuff concentrated in one toxic bolus.

Global Warming In The PARALLEL UNIVERSE — Some terrific snark from A Tiny Revolution.

Roger Ebert on "death panels" — A thoughtful analysis of a conservative lie.

The Slacktivist on IndigNation — A very good take on Birthers, Deathers and the whole batshit Right Wing noise machine.

Alinsky's Rules for Right Wingers — Ed Brayton quoting Michele Bachmann: [Liberals] have two tricks that they pull out of their bag: the Republican is stupid, or the Republican is crazy. ... It's straight out of Saul Alinsky's 'Rules for Radicals': they identify their target, then try to marginalize their target. Riiiiiiight. Because conservatives never marginalize anyone they disagree with. Not our principled friends on the right.

tongodeon on guns and town hall meetings — Sensible talk from someone I don't actually agree with on the subject.

I'm scared, so take away that guy's rights please!Interrupting Gelastic Jew, saying something I strongly disagree with about guns at political events, but saying it well. (Sum of my disagreement with her: to me this use of Second Amendment rights falls under same the rubric as the abuse of First Amendment rights to shout "Fire!" in a crowded theater.)

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