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[links] Link salad, (mostly) politics-free update

SF Signal's "Mind Meld" asks how blogging and the emergence of social networking have changed the face of publishing? How has it affected you personally? — In which I, among many others, offer an answer.

The Groovy Age of Horror — A blog devoted to a bygone era of horror. Some real gems there, including this decidedly NSFW piece. (Thanks to goulo.)

Da Vinci's Mechanical Lion Brought To Life After 500 Years — Zombie mechanical lion? Hmm...

Amber Ale: Brewing Beer From 45-Million-Year-Old Yeast — (Nicked from tdj.)

Bicycle inflation in paradise — Funny, but speaking as Portlander of almost a decade's standing, I can say that he wasn't looking in the right places at all.

The Economics of Secret Chinese Menus — Not sure how secret they are, though you generally have to read Chinese, or be in the know. (Or both.)

Top ten urinals — Because you'll never know when you need to take the piss. (Thanks to willyumtx.)

Clash Over Rebirth of Mt. St. Helens — (Thanks to my Dad.)

Determined Pose President Barack Obama Chia Pet Head — Um. Wow. (Thanks, I think, to my dad.)

?otD: Who stole the cookies in the cookie jar?

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