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Finished going through the Pinion copy edit last night. Whew, that was hard. Need to write a cover letter, and dip back into manuscript to propagate one more set of minor changes. My schedule the next few days is not conducive to a relaxed approach to these activities, and it's due, in New York, early next week. When I have time I'll try to post an overview of this round of my experience with the magical land of copy editing. I always learn something new.

In other news, several modest but groovy things happening in the wide world o' publishing deals. Reports as events develop sufficiently to become public knowledge, but it's been a good week in that respect.

the_child has her summer music camp recital today. Shortly after that calendula_witch arrives once more, and she and I are off to Seattle for various socializing type events, plus the Grants Pass reading and signing this Saturday afternoon, with open dinner to follow. Come on down!

Then Sunday we hie back to Portland for the wedding of thirdworld and agrathea. Monday morning calendula_witch lights out for San Francisco once more, and I head toward points Omahan.

See some, all or none of you around these various popsicle stands.

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