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[links] Link salad flies back to Oregon

Reading the Leaves reviews Green Powell's | Amazon | Kindle | Barnes & Noble | Borders ] — A bit of a mixed bag, but largely positive. Some interesting (also mixed) comments after the review, as well.

Scrivener's Error makes an interesting point about publishing and quarterly reports

The evolution of retweeting — For those who might happen to be interested in Twitter.

Made of Myth — The workshops where videogame props are built. (Via Drawn!.)

IBM Takes First 3D Image of Atomic Bonds — Holy frick.

Lunar boreal haloBad Astronomy with a gorgeous lunar photo.

Republican Senator Inhofe on healthcare reformWe can stall it. And thats going to be a huge gain for those of us who want to turn this thing over in the 2010 election. Yep. There's your principled opposition right there.

GOP congressman praises, defends, man for calling himself a "proud right wing terrorist" — My conservative commentors keep telling me that the people I cite aren't like them, but, guys, when your own political leadership endorses this kind of crap, that figleaf is getting awfully thin. Thought experiment: imagine the reaction if Barney Frank praised a self-declared "left wing terrorist."

?otD: Are vampires afraid of steaks?

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Hours slept: 7.0
This morning's weigh-in: n/a (traveling)
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